PAST FUTURE ALWAYS HIGH TARGETS ...   Our company has been providing service to our esteemed customers with the production of daily furniture from 1984, it has been a symphony of experience with many years experience. Our company took place in the furniture market under the name of Sinan Yaşar Mobilya between the years 1984-1997 and served with the title of Çalıklar Mobilya from 1997 and it is now the same name but shortly Ç.M.S. (Çalıklar Furniture Industry) continues to serve our valuable customers. Our company keeps the quality of daily life from the past and keeps on the road with the quality slogan. Our company has chosen the quality of its qualifications in each area, both in Turkey and abroad. Ç.M.S: It is a candidate to become a stylish popular furniture that responds to the needs of contemporary life. WE DESIGN HAPPINESS ...   Furniture is not just an object that addresses needs, but an indispensable instrument that enhances life. While we give shape, we are aware of the fact that we are touching the life of you and we continue to produce your life for a more beautiful and more enjoyable ..

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